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School of Business UCT Prague

Studying at the School of Business of the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT Prague) gives you an opportunity to become part of - and graduate from - one of the most prestigious Czech Universities, proud of its #342 QS World University Ranking and origins extending to the Prague Polytechnic established in the early 18th century.

The School of Business and its degree programs offer a unique blend of robust business science education with industry insight and social competences, assuring a high demand by prospective employers and broad career perspectives for graduates. Retaining a moderate size and lean organization, it provides a trusting and supporting community for various students' dispositions, interests and talents. Well-designed class schedules provide sufficient leeway for efficient learning, project work, as well as pursuing personal interests. Seminars are taught in small groups, facilitating communication, motivation, feedback and full achievement of learning objectives.

The main UCT Prague premises are located within the Dejvice University Campus in one of the most desirable districts of Prague, with excellent access to all campus amenities including the National Technical Library, as well as to downtown Prague and the international airport. The University offers all its students comfortable dormitory accomodation, and even brews its own beer.

The new School of Business premises, acquired by UCT in 2021, is situated in a separate but ready accessible location with pleasant surroundings and excellent infrustructure. Accordingly, business students can conveniently find all their classrooms, administration offices and professors in a single building.

As an internationally acknowledged research university, UCT Prague partners with over 100 universities worldwide. Typically, the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) which facilitates the recognition of degrees, as well as individual course modules, is part of the accreditation.

BSc Degree Program

The Economics and Management Bachelor's program prepares students for professional work in international teams, analytical and entry-level managerial positions in industry, commerce, consulting and public administration, as well as for continuing their studies in Master degree programs worldwide.

Students may specialize either in Marketing or in International Trade. Teaching in concentration classes begins in the Fourth Semester.

Enter the degree program with high school qualification and adequate proficiency in Mathematics and English, and graduate upon gaining 180 ECTS credits, passing final exams and defending a Bachelor's Thesis in three years.

MSc Degree Program

The Sectoral Management Master's program prepares highly-skilled professionals for mid- and top-level management positions in industry, industrial policy, innovation policy, commercial policy and finance, while allowing further pursuit of academic and research careers through PhD programs.

The program offers education in two majors: Innovation Project Management, and Chemical Industry.


In the Innovation Project Management major, students have an opportunity to gain more specific proficiency in Financial Management, Project Management, Process Management or Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

The Chemical Industry major is aimed at students who seek more technical expertise particularly relevant for positions in the chemical, food-processing, fuels, rubber or environmental protection industries. This major is particularly suitable for graduates in technical disciplines or life sciences.

Enter the Master's degree program with a Bachelor's qualification and adequate proficiency in Applied Mathematics and English, and graduate upon gaining 120 ECTS credits, passing final exams and defending a Master's Thesis in two years.

PhD Degree Program

Doctoral graduates in Sustainability Management will be using advanced theoretical foundations in economic, social and environmental sciences, as well as their knowledge of statistical data analysis, and focusing on a holistic approach to connecting empirical findings with scientific disciplines.

The program emphasizes students' competences in working in international environments and comprehending transnational contexts of sustainable development. Accordingly, they will be well prepared to pursue careers in research, public governance, international organizations, as well as for senior executive roles in major projects, industry, consulting and nonprofits.

The Sustainability Management PhD program has been developed by the School of Business jointly with the UCT Faculty of Environmental Technology, submitted for accreditation by the National Accreditation Agency, and we therefore expect to be able to enrol students from the 2021 Winter Term (enrolments in PhD programs at UCT take place semi-annually).

Preparatory Program

In the Preparatory Program, students usually spend one year getting prepared to enter degree programs at the UCT School of Business, as well as programs at other UCT faculties and technical universities. Based on individual assessment, they typically take courses improving their English and communication skills, subsequently combined in their study plan with courses closely focusing on the completion of any pre-requisite skills, such as in Mathematics, Economics, Physics or Chemistry, essential for successful studies in the program of their choice.

Students will normally be considered for the Preparatory Program based on English proficiency at B1 level, including a working knowledge of the Latin alphabet, as well as their motivation to continue in a particular degree program. Organization of the classes and of the academic year is broadly similar to degree programs, and includes class sessions, guided self-study, consultations, regular feedback, progress tests and exams. Acceptance and study in the Preparatory Program makes students eligible for a study visa and residency permit in the Czech Republic.

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