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University of Applied Sciences Europe

  • Berlin , Germany

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The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) - in Iserlohn, Berlin, Hamburg and on a new UE Innovation Hub - educates the designers and decision-makers of tomorrow in the fields of Business, Sports, Media and Event and Art & Design. It came into existence in 2017 after the merge of BTK University of Art & Design and BiTS University of Business, Sports, Media & Event.

University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, as well as dual Bachelor’s degrees and an online MBA programme. The university is accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities and the programmes are accredited by FIBAA and the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZevA).

U-Multirank has also recognized UE as a global leader in international orientation and ranked us as one of the TOP 10 universities in business studies.


Study Art & Design

Bachelor’s Degree:
  • Communication Design (EN, GER)
  • Film + Motion Design (EN, GER)
  • Photography (EN, GER)
  • Game Design (EN, GER)
  • Illustration (GER)
  • Digital & Interaction Design (EN)
Master’s Degree:
  • Media Spaces (EN)
  • Photography (EN)
  • Innovation Design Management (EN)
  • Visual & Experience Design (EN)

Study Business, Sports, Media and Event

Bachelor’s Degree:
  • Business & Management Studies (EN, GER)
  • Digital Business & Data Science (EN, GER)
  • Business Psychology (GER)
  • Communication & Media Management (GER)
  • Journalism & Business Communication (GER)
  • Sport & Eventmanagement (EN, GER)
  • Soccer Management - Specialisation (EN, GER)
  • Basketball Management - Specialisation (EN)
  • Sport Sciences: Fitness and Health
  • Sport Sciences: Training and Performance
  • Psychology (GER)
  • Business Law (GER)
  • Sport & Event Management at ALBA BERLIN College (dual) (EN)
  • Business & Taxes (dual) (GER)
  • Business & Management studies (dual) (GER)
  • Business & Management Studies E-Commerce (dual) (GER)
  • Digital Business & Data Science (dual) (DE)
Master’s Degree:
  • Business Psychology (GER)
  • Corporate Management (EN, GER)
  • Finance Management (EN)
  • Marketing Management & Public Relations (GER)
  • Int. Sport & Event Management (complementary) (EN, GER)
  • Smart City Management (EN, GER)
  • Master of Business Administration, MBA (GER)

Tuition fees and funding

Tuition fees: Bachelor Courses


Definition of a non-EU applicant: this price model is applicable for students with a non-EU nationality.

11,340 € per year

Total for payment over 36 months = 34,020 €

Tuition fees: Master Courses

13,188 € per year

Education price


11 340 € per year

  • Tuition: 11 340 € per year
  • Duration of education: 3 year (6 - 7 terms)

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